What Is Game-Based Learning? Does It Work?

What Is Game-Based Learning? Does It Work?
Author: Sharmila S
March 1, 2023
3 min read

Game-based learning appeals to learners of all ages and industries. It instills competitiveness, a desire for challenge, or simply a love of games in the users.

Engaging in eLearning experiences aids learners to gain knowledge that can be implied in the contemporary world. They also contribute to improved academic performance.

Game-based learning ensures that e-learning is exciting and joyful. Such solutions are a modern approach to teaching and adopting traditional curricula for the current learners’ era.

Because learning should never be monotonous!

** What is game-based learning?** It is a field in the online learning space, where a video game embodies educational intent. In a greater sense, game-based learning balances the objective of weaving educational goals into game dynamics along with the fun aspects associated with games.

Game-based learning environments provide students with engaging, immersive, and effective social, emotional, and cognitive experiences for learning. In eLearning, a game environment in which students interact with digital games can continuously reinforce the belief that users can do better and turn failure into motivation as a learning method.

Sometimes they distribute small rewards and allow only worthy achievements, but the more confident the player is in himself and the more prizes he gets, the more he can solve the next puzzle, surpass all obstacles and once again achieve the learning goal. We will constantly improve our potential to achieve. The idea behind game-based learning is to incorporate the principles of repetition, practice, failure, and goal attainment. Most learning-based games rely solely on this principle.

Players start at the primitive stage, practice, master skills, and progress to higher levels without many realizations about the effort behind it. This framework is very effective as a learning experience and for training and assisting players in their next area of development. More importantly, the game teaches players that perseverance in the face of failure will eventually lead to success and joy.

In a nutshell, games have the efficiency to promote an excellent and engaging learning style throughout the student's learning process and beyond.

Is game-based learning effective? Years of research in educational psychology show that learning methods and motivational styles, characterized by persistence and challenging efforts, are essential factors in success and achievement.

How do you measure if game-based learning is working? Commitment is one of the best ways. Studies have shown that students who learn through games retain significantly more information than students who do not. Students can achieve greater success in online learning if games provide a way to create that "active engagement". It is estimated that nearly a third of the world's population plays mobile games, so the game design is not the only game aimed at the young student market.

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