Reasons Why Gamification Works

Reasons Why Gamification Works
Author: Gokulnath H
March 1, 2023
2 min read

Here are a few ways how Gamification helps your company

  • Increases app user engagement
  • Helps Build up brand loyalty
  • Collect valuable data of users

Increases App User Engagement Reward Rally aims at raising app engagement. This Engagement builds awareness, which in turn builds a bunch of loyal customers and brings in more profit for your brand and company. Paid ads are gauged by click-through rates and conversions, but engagement using gamification leaves the app users with a dopamine hit that is driven by the unique experience with your brand, and you are aligned to be top of their minds when they wish to buy your product.

Builds Brand Loyalty Gamification is an exceptional way to improve brand loyalty. Every time the users play the game and win privileges such as points, badges, etc., dopamine, a “feel good” brain chemical is released which gives the app users a sense of achievement and satisfaction that really can’t be matched with any other app. This ensures that your customers are very clear about buying your product without any hesitation.

Collects Valuable Data Gamification allows the brand/company to collect valuable data. Such data are undoubtedly the most essential part of any gamified marketing campaign, measuring users’ engagement rates such as unique players, and return rates, as well as collecting email addresses and names for later email marketing campaigns. This can pave the way to ensure a high customer retention rate.

Conclusion Our gamification plugin framework, Reward Rally gives a heads-up for all of the above-discussed use cases. Implementing gamification in the right sense provides a unique and memorable app user experience that builds incredible brand loyalty.